British AltLeft marching to demand Gandhi statue be knocked down

The BuzzFeed post reads “The Anti-Black Indian Supremacist #GandhiMustFall – 2 October 2017, London”

“In the heart of London, in Parliament Square stands a statue of Gandhi. Admired by some as a freedom fighter, he was a racist bigot, who often called black people ‘kaffir’, the South African equivalent of the n-word. On the 2nd of October, in the spirit of those who oppose the Confederate statues in Charlottesville, BlackLivesMatter will protest with SOAS Antifa to demand his statue comes down.”

“BlackLivesMatter campaigner Trevor Collins told us how Ela Gandhi, the social activist’s granddaughter and a former MP for South Africa’s ruling African National Congress party, has stated that Gandhi’s reference to African people as savage and inferior to Indians could not be justified. She said, ‘If they do not want his statue, then by all means remove it.'”

“BlackLivesMatter supporter Fatima Khan told us, ‘In the spirit of our comrades in Ghana, and our brave brothers in Charlottesville who resisted white supremacists, we will stand against the existence of statues in Britain that glorify bigots, be they white or Asian supremacists.'”

“On the 2nd of October 2017, SOAS Antifa will support #BlackLivesMatter to march on the British Parliament, to demand it remove from its square the statue of Gandhi, a man acknowledged worldwide to be a racist.”