UPDATED: Members of the Alt-Left Facebook group

UPDATE: Message Received on Aug 20, 2017 @ 11:22 hours:
“So the Alt Leftist Empire is an ally of yours. Before Trump started using the term “alt left” it referred to a group of people on the left wing of politics who reject antifa, communism, and social justice warrior thinking. If you actually read the group description and lurk you’ll find that we’re liberals against the authoritarian left wing. We’re a free speech group who speak out against left wing violence. [Sharing the public domain Facebook list of] the membership is a pretty stupid thing to do considering they’re on your side. Nothing to do with antifa, we constantly argue with those people that the violence is stupid. At least a third of the group voted Trump.”

So, by their own admission, two-thirds of the members of the Alt-Left FB group are opposed to Trump, but claim they are on the same side as the right? Surely the other third are in the wrong place and need to wake up!

UPDATE: Message Received on Aug 20, 2017 @ 7:22 hours:
“There are two Alt-Lefts
The first and oldest appeared around late 2015 or early 2016, is used by people who were economically centre-left to far-left and socially centrist to nationalist, this alt-left mostly exists in facebook groups (such as Alt Left, the Alt Left, and The Alt-Leftist Empire) and are highly opposed to identity politics, political violence, destruction of property, and the establishment left in general.

“The second originated from fox news reporting of the UC Berkeley riot earlier this year (where Antifa violently attacked bystanders and caused millions in property damage all in response to a gay jew with opinions they didn’t like), it was later used by the President of the United States to describe Antifa, BAMN, the Black Blocs involvement in the violence at Charlottesville.”

Aug 19, 2017 @ 11:17 hours
Disclaimer: All data was Public Domain, having been sourced at 11:00 on August 09 2017 from the website Facebook where it was made publicly available by all persons herein mentioned. We make no claim that all these persons are actually AltLeft. Some may be trolls lurking in the group, or just misguided.

Some people left the group and the long list was crashing our web host. You can find here the up-to-date Alt-Left public Facebook group