Members of Young [Blairite] Society whose leader was banned by Trump

Formed by self-described “arch-Blairite” (for American readers, think of Hilary Clinton) left-wing icon Robbie Travers, the group “Young Liberal Society” promotes a Blairite (progressive socialist/globalist/culturally Marxist) agenda, and attacks nationalists, such as Trump.

The group hit public press for discussing necrophilia:

Report on student leader against Trump here

Disclaimer: All data was Public Domain, having been sourced at 12:00 on August 19 2017 from the members list on Young Liberal Society group on the website Facebook ( where it was made publicly available by all persons herein mentioned. has never, and will never, share private information.

We make no claim that all these persons are actually AltLeft/Blairite/left-wing. Some may be trolls lurking in the group, or just misguided. We believe some left the group, so for the meanwhile we have removed the list (the long file kept crashing the web host), but the link to the public group is above.