The “liberal” British student leader BANNED by Trump

Formed by self-described “arch-Blairite” (for American readers, think of Hilary Clinton) left-wing icon Robbie Travers, the group “Young Liberal Society” promotes a globalist/Blairite agenda, and attacks nationalists such as Trump.

The group hit public press for discussing necrophilia:

Members of the group listed here

Leader of, what we will call, the Young [Blairite] Society:

Robbie Travers poses with a famous Blairite MP – we presume one of his AltLeft heroes.

Travers with what would seem to be another of his hard-left hero inspirations, Nicola Sturgeon, who has even tweeted him praise.

If you didn’t think Robbie Travers was lefty, just note that he has been banned by Donald Trump! No surprise members of the group have viciously targeted Trump supporters.

Hardly surprising considering Travers gave a speech attacking Trump