What is the Alt-Left?

Just as the Alt-Right has various tiers or groupings, so do the Alt-Left. These groups vary. Not all are physically violent, though they share a culturally Marxist agenda, and often resort to manipulation of truth, smear campaigns, and various forms of social media warfare.

Some would say the fringe of the Alt-Left is any socialist group that wishes to open the door to Marxism, as per Frankfurt School agenda. Those that oppose American/European institutions. Cernovich has called Hillary Clinton and CNN the Alt-Left. They are the seventies hippy movement rebranded.

Fake News: Some would say most of the “fake news” outlets should be here placed.

They could be said to be a fringe, the counter-opposite to the Alt-Light which is on the fringe of the Alt-Right:

  • Social Democrats and Cuckservatives: Here one could perhaps place Clinton fans, in Canada be Trudeau fans, or in Britain, Blairites. Cuckservatives are sometimes said to be here, such as RHINOS in the Republican party, or even the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, or the British Prime Minister Theresa May.
  • Anarchist Libertarians: Some would even say Gary Johnson and the left of the libertarian movement fits here.

Left-wing students often resort to violence at protests. However, predominantly they resort to social media attacks against the right and authority.

The heart of the Alt-Left is Antifa (or in full Antifaschistische Aktion), created by German Communist Party (KPD). They are hardcore, and equate to the Alt-Reich.

Antifa are a communist militia in the spirit of Stalin. During the early 1930s Germany, amidst rising tensions between Nazis and the communists, Berlin in particular was the site of regular and often very violent street battles between two armed militias: Nazis and Antifa.